WarpEngine‐X maximizes ROI on 10Gbps network investments by overcoming limitations in TCP to deliver up to 10x improvements in throughput for the best possible quality of service

IRVINE, CA August 8, 2017 – Badu Networks, a market leader in TCP optimization solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its 10Gb/s product, WarpEngine‐X. WarpEngine‐X leverages Badu Networks’ patented WarpTCP™ technology which mitigates TCP’s Retransmit Timeout (RTO) induced throughput collapse to improve network performance by up to 10x. This ensures the highest quality of service possible for mission critical applications.

With the growth in streaming video, fast data applications, real‐time analytics and IoT, more users are using bandwidth and networks are running much closer to capacity than ever before. Many enterprises are opting to upgrade their network infrastructure to 10Gbps. Unfortunately, they often do not see the full ROI from these costly upgrades due to inherent limitations in TCP.

WarpEngine‐X is the only optimization solution that mitigates the instances of false RTO positives in origin servers and thereby retains maximum possible throughput. WarpEngine‐X is a cost efficient, single‐device solution that optimizes 10Gb/s network performance and throughput on both wired and wireless networks. WarpEngine‐X handles encrypted as well as mobile traffic and is designed to deploy and scale to large Enterprise and Carrier grade environments. WarpEngine‐X supports up to 5,000,000 TCP sessions and up to 9.8Gb/s of traffic. These features are key differentiators for customers of Badu Networks’ value‐added resellers like Daou Technology Inc.

WarpEngine is easy to deploy and addresses many of our customers’ network performance issues,” said Kim Youn‐Duck, CEO of Daou Technology Inc. “In deploying Badu Networks TCP acceleration technology in our customer’s networks, we have achieved up to a 66x throughput improvement with a single deployed device.” WarpEngine‐X can be deployed on customer premises, in a service provider’s core network, or in virtualized clouds such as Amazon EC2.

Dennis Vadura, CEO of Badu Networks said: “With our products enterprise and network operators can maximize
ROI from their current network investments and defer expensive upgrades until they can take advantage of more advanced technologies.”

WarpEngine‐X is ideal for deployment in the following scenarios:

  • Enterprise hybrid cloud architecture application acceleration
  • Retail/e‐commerce sites requiring fast web page loads
  • Organizations requiring large file transfers over long network distances
  • VOD (video on demand) and Video Streaming service acceleration
  • Mobile Operators core network to improve throughput for Mobile Last Mile

WarpEngine‐X will come with graduated licensing in the 1Gb/s to 10Gb/s range and is available for pre‐order starting today. Orders placed today will ship in September. For those interested in purchasing or discussing Badu Networks’ WarpEngine‐X, please contact Tony Wong as shown below.


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