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Today’s networks are filled with jitter

Most of today’s applications transmit data in unpredictable bursts, and they’re usually accessed over volatile last mile mobile and Wi-Fi connections subject to RF interference, fading and other factors.   This creates unprecedented levels of variance in packet timing, i.e. jitter.

Causing throughput collapse

Network protocols like TCP treat jitter as a sign of congestion, slowing traffic to prevent data loss until throughput collapses and applications stall, even when plenty of bandwidth is available.

Which we eliminate

Our patented technology detects whether jitter is due to congestion, and prevents throughput collapse if it’s not. That’s why we’re able to improve performance by up to 10X on busy WAN, mobile and Wi-Fi networks.

So your business can thrive

Jitter is now the leading cause of throughput collapse, resulting in slow websites that chase away customers, and poor application performance that kills employee productivity.   It will only get worse, as more employees go mobile and applications move to cloud environments that create jitter of their own. You can’t afford to ignore it.

At this point, you might be thinking…

I’ll just fix my slow network by adding more bandwidth or access points

 Reality: This just doesn’t work. Jitter is already causing your network to waste bandwidth. Adding more actually increases the incidence of jitter-induced throughput collapse.

This must be based on QoS, compression, caching, or deduplication

  Reality: We don’t do any of this. These techniques don’t really address jitter. They also require access to the payload, making them largely ineffective now that over 80% of network traffic is encrypted.

OK, I’ll just use buffers to fix jitter

  Reality: This doesn’t work either. Using buffers to fix jitter by realigning packet timing destroys performance, especially for real-time applications like streaming video, fast data and IoT.

And you also might be shocked

to find out that our technology is

Optimizing encrypted traffic

We never look at the payload, so we don’t care if traffic is encrypted or compressed.


Needing two boxes on each end of the network is old news.


Our solution is designed to be installed within 15 minutes.


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