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Case Study

INFAC Corporation:

After realizing that their WAN acceleration solutions were not capable of maintaining network speeds, INFAC deployed WarpEngine™ at INFAC remote offices in North America and Vietnam, as well as headquarter offices in South Korea.

Compared to INFAC’s initial WAN acceleration, WarpEngine™ TCP optimization produced speedy and easy testing due to single-box installation instead of two. As a result, WarpEngine™ improved long distance performance by up to 40Mbps in North America and 8Mbps in Vietnam.

WarpEngine™ is the most suitable solution for today’s IoT, cloud-era Internet, overseas workplace, and Wi-Fi performance improvement.” — Joe Yoshin, Director of Solution Division for Daou Technology

Independent Test Report

Singtel Mobile

WarpVM Optimization from AWS Singapore Test Server to Singapore based Client on LTE

  • Mobile throughput: USB tethered laptop with Singtel sim card
  • File size range: 50KB to 5MB Downloads
    • Video and Audio streaming
    • Social media
    • Web Pages
    • E-commerce

Case Study


Technology Overview


Case Study

Carriage Inn

Streaming Demo

4K Video on YouTube

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CIO Review

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TCP De-Bottleneck

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