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Cloud Challenges

As cloud adoption has gone mainstream, enterprise IT teams find themselves constantly struggling with performance. User frustration with applications like Office 365, Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow, and others is only growing. IT administrators typically try to address poor performance by upgrading VM memory and CPU, as well as upgrading their network to add bandwidth. These upgrades can be costly and largely ineffective at relieving user frustration because they don’t address the root of the problem – jitter.

In a virtualized public or private cloud environment, scheduling conflicts between VMs, and hypervisor packet transfer delays create jitter that networks treat as a sign of congestion, slowing traffic to prevent data loss, even when plenty of bandwidth is available.  This virtualization jitter is compounded by jitter from hosted applications that often stream data in unpredictable bursts.  In addition, the last mile wireless connections most users rely on to access the cloud frequently suffer from RF interference, fading and other issues that produce more jitter. All these factors combine to create unprecedented levels of jitter, leading network throughput to collapse and cloud applications to stall.


WarpVM™ leverages Badu Networks’ patented technology to eliminate poor performance caused by virtualization jitter, as well as jitter generated by today’s cloud-hosted applications. Benchmarks show that WarpVM delivers an average 3X improvement in network throughput and cloud application performance.  WarpVM is a single-ended solution that can be deployed as a VM in AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or potentially any other public or private cloud environment.  Installation is plug-and-play, and real-time session monitoring is a snap with the WarpAdmin™ management console.

As an option, WarpGateway™ can be installed behind the firewall to filter out the negative performance impact of local Wi-Fi network jitter caused by RF interference, fading and other factors that can lead to throughput collapse over the entire network path to the cloud.

Use Cases

WarpVM is ideal for:

  • Large Enterprises and SMBs using public or private cloud hosted applications, as well as hybrid cloud deployments
  • Cloud data migration projects and multi-cloud deployments that require fast, large file transfers
  • SaaS application vendors wanting to offer premium performance packages
  • Content delivery networks
  • Live video streaming and video on demand (VOD) service optimization
  • eCommerce sites requiring fast web page load times
  • Cloud service providers needing to deliver better performance to the edge from their PoPs at minimal cost.

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