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WarpTCP Solutions Target for TCP Optimization

WarpTCP™ is an innovative new approach to TCP Optimization that delivers between 20% and 300% better throughput depending on network conditions, network distance and file size. WarpTCP™ incorporates algorithms that optimize Wi-Fi networks as well as the mobile last mile. WarpTCP™ employs a unique set of algorithms that improves TCP performance.

Most current TCP optimization technologies utilize loss and/or latency as the sole catalyst for making adjustments and re-transmitting packets. WarpTCP™ augments these data points by incorporating additional meta-data that allows it to further distinguish packet loss from actual congestion. Because WarpTCP™ reacts to network events in real-time and attempts to discern real congestion from loss, the technology is better able to optimize flows over typically lossy networks. Such networks are prevalent in the “wireless last hop or mobile last mile”.

Badu’s introduction of WarpTCP™ improves on known TCP optimization approaches that have fallen short in delivering significant performance gains. More importantly, current optimization technologies don’t take into consideration the tremendous growth of mobile and Wi-Fi traffic.

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