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Badu​ ​Networks​ ​Safeguards​ ​5G​ ​Network​ ​Investments​ ​with​ ​Warp​Engine-X Network​ ​Optimization​ ​Solution

WarpEngine-X optimizes bandwidth utilization, improves throughput, and boosts network performance by up to 10x with unprecedented deployment

IRVINE, CA October 7, 2017 – Badu Networks, a market leader in TCP optimization solutions, has developed a network optimization solution for building out and sustaining the 5G network. Badu Networks’ WarpEngine-X addresses the economic, performance, and technical challenges that carriers
will face in the build out of 5G networks.

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Badu Networks Announces Availability of 10Gb/s WarpEngine‐X Network Optimization Proxy

WarpEngine‐X maximizes ROI on 10Gbps network investments by overcoming limitations in TCP to deliver up to 10x improvements in throughput for the best possible quality of service

IRVINE, CA August 8, 2017 – Badu Networks, a market leader in TCP optimization solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its 10Gb/s product, WarpEngine‐X. WarpEngine‐X leverages Badu Networks’ patented WarpTCP™ technology which mitigates TCP’s Retransmit Timeout (RTO) induced throughput collapse to improve network performance by up to 10x. This ensures the highest quality of service possible for mission critical applications.

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Badu Networks Delivers Ten-fold Improvement in Throughput between AWS and On-Premises Environments with WarpVM

IRVINE, Calif. August 7, 2017 – Badu Networks is pleased to announce that its WarpVM solution is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. WarpVM leverages Badu Networks’ patented technology to separate the signal from the noise, resulting in dramatic increases in throughput between cloud and on-premises environments. Benchmarks show WarpVM boosts network throughput by up to three times on uncongested networks and up to ten times on highly congested networks. WarpVM optimizes TCP bandwidth utilization to get the most out of a connection when sending and retrieving data to and from AWS. WarpVM excels within jittery networks, such as Wi-Fi and VPN tunnels. WarpVM is available as a c4.2xlarge instance, providing up to 2 Gbps peak throughput.

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Former Riverbed Asia Sales Execs Join Badu Networks

IRVINE, Calif. April 6, 2017 – Badu Networks, a provider of advanced bandwidth maximization solutions, today announced that John Higgs and Jay Woo Kim have joined Badu Networks to expand its Asia Sales group.

Mr. Higgs and Mr. Kim were sales executives at Riverbed for 8.5 years and 10 years respectively, building Riverbed Asia sales to over $130M annually. Mr. Kim will be Country Manager for Korea and report to Mr. Higgs who will lead Asia as VP Global Strategy. read more…

WarpEngine TCP Acceleration Proxy from Badu Networks Selected by Daou Technology for Enterprise Networks


WarpEngine™ maximizes bandwidth utilization, improves throughput and boosts wireless network performance.

IRVINE, Calif. December 12, 2016 – Badu Networks, a provider of TCP Acceleration solutions, today announced that it is working with Daou Technology, a South Korea based software, solutions, and IT VAR, to deploy its WarpEngine™ TCP acceleration proxy to Korean enterprises. As Internet usage grows, so does congestion on the network. WarpEngine™ is a scalable network acceleration appliance based on WarpTCP™ technology designed to optimize bandwidth and throughput. It can be deployed at the customer premise for enterprise applications, in a service provider’s core network, or in front of thousands of cloud servers in a data center. Unlike other WAN Optimization solutions that require two appliances to be deployed at both ends of the link, WarpEngine is a single-ended solution and can be easily deployed at any point on the network. read more…