Nutanix Ready AHV


Boost Cloud Performance 2-10X Without Boosting Cloud Costs 

In cloud environments, VM scheduling conflicts, hypervisor packet delays, and today’s hosted web, streaming and IoT applications that send data in random bursts combine to create massive amounts of jitter.  Jitter has become a leading cause of poor cloud network throughput and slow application performance, and its impact will only grow.  Cloud administrators try to overcome this poor performance with expensive VM and network upgrades that don’t address the root cause.  Instead, these upgrades lead to over-provisioning, resulting in major cost overruns that Gartner and other analysts predict will impact more than 60% of public cloud projects through 2024.   Jitter’s impact on cloud network and application performance goes undetected by even the most sophisticated cloud management and monitoring tools, and there’s really only one solution that overcomes it.

Only WarpVM™ leverages WarpEngine’s breakthrough technology to eliminate  jitter’s impact on cloud performance, and combines this capability with other performance enhancing features.  Benchmarks show that WarpVM boosts cloud network throughput and application performance by up to 80% under normal operating conditions, and 2-10x in high traffic environments.  It achieves these impressive results at a small fraction of the cost of VM and network upgrades.  WarpVM is a VM-based single-ended transparent proxy solution that deploys in a matter of minutes in AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, VMWare, or KVM environments.  No modifications to client or server applications are required, and no other hardware or software is needed.  WarpVM is ideal for high performance enterprise cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and edge-cloud IoT deployments operating under tight budget and time constraints.

WarpVM has achieved Nutanix Ready certification for compatibility and performance with their AHV hypervisor.  AHV is at the heart of  Nutanix’s  hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform.  With Nutanix HCI, hybrid multi-cloud solutions can be deployed across multiple public and private cloud environments with continuous availability, and none of the complexity.  Gartner and other industry analysts have consistently recognized Nutanix as a market leader in the HCI space. 

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Use Cases

    • Large enterprises and SMBs using public or private cloud-hosted applications, as well as hybrid multi-cloud implementations.
      • Cloud-native 5G core network deployments.
        • Real-time cloud applications such as live video and audio streaming and video on demand (VOD) services.
          • Edge cloud IoT. 
          • VDI(virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and (DaaS) Desktop as a Service implementations.
            • SaaS vendors wanting to offer premium performance packages.
              • Cloud migration projects and multi-cloud deployments that require fast, reliable large file transfers. 
    • Cloud service providers needing better performance to the edge from their PoPs at minimal cost.

Technical Specifications*

Max Throughput 2Gbps
Max Sessions 300,000
Form Factor Virtual Machine
Storage 200GB
Single-Ended Yes
Optimize Wireless Traffic Yes
Optimize SSL Traffic Yes
Optimize VPN Traffic Yes
Multi-Host Support Yes

*These specifications are for a default implementation of  a single instance of WarpVM. WarpVM can scale to the capacity of the VMs it’s deployed in. Please consult   Badu Networks for deployments that require support for greater scalability than the specifications shown here.

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