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Enterprise Challenges

Most network administrators try to resolve poor application performance caused by slow network throughput with expensive and disruptive bandwidth upgrades. These upgrades are often combined with MPLS, SD-WAN and WAN optimization solutions that prioritize application traffic, help prevent packet loss, and accelerate some types of data. However, they aren’t as effective at dealing with today’s increasingly jitter-prone streaming services, IoT devices, voice, video and web applications that transmit data in unpredictable bursts. Networks interpret jitter as congestion, slowing traffic to avoid data loss until throughput collapses and applications stall, even when plenty of bandwidth is available. The jitter-prone nature of today’s applications is compounded by the rapid adoption of cloud services subject to jitter from VM crosstalk and hypervisor transfer delays, and jitter from volatile last mile wireless networks most users rely on to access their applications.

Another major challenge is that over 80% of internet traffic is now encrypted. Traditional optimization tools rely on techniques like compression and deduplication that need access to the payload, and they must be installed at both ends of the network. These requirements impose the performance overhead of encryption/decryption at each endpoint, the security risk of exposing sensitive encryption keys to third party solutions, and significant configuration and administration overhead.


WarpEngine™ leverages Badu Networks’ patented technology to deliver up to 10x improvements in performance and throughput by filtering out the impact of jitter, today’s most common cause of network throughput collapse. WarpEngine’s algorithmic approach to network optimization doesn’t rely on deduplication or compression, so it requires no payload access, enabling it to accelerate all types of traffic; encrypted, unencrypted or compressed. WarpEngine is single-ended and can be installed at any point on the network, typically closest to the source of jitter. This architecture eliminates the performance and administrative overhead as well as the security risk of encryption/decryption at each endpoint imposed by competing dual-ended optimization tools. WarpEngine requires no changes to clients or servers, and it works in conjunction with optimization solutions and application delivery controllers already in place at the data center.

For enterprises struggling with poor public or private cloud application performance, Badu Networks offers WarpVM™ which leverages the same core WarpEngine technology to filter out the impact of virtualization jitter.

As an option, WarpGateway™ can be installed at each office location to complement either WarpEngine or WarpVM, to eliminate local Wi-Fi network jitter caused by RF interference, fading and other factors.

Use Cases

WarpEngine™ is perfect for enterprises that want to:

  • Dramatically improve existing network throughput without the cost and disruption of upgrades
  • Accelerate large file transfers over a WAN
  • Accelerate transfer of data already in encrypted or compressed form, including image, video and compiled source code files that traditional optimization doesn’t handle well
  • Optimize VOD (video on demand) and Video Streaming services
  • Improve Content Delivery Network (CDN) performance
  • Optimize hybrid cloud applications
  • Speed up web page load times for e-commerce sites.

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