WarpEngine™ Network Optimization Proxy Appliance

WarpEngine™ is a scalable network optimization proxy capable of handling over 500,000 simultaneous sessions, and delivering up to 10x improvements in performance on existing networks, without the high cost and disruption of bandwidth upgrades. WarpEngine is built on Badu Networks’ patented next-generation technology that’s light years ahead of the compression, caching, and deduplication techniques used by competing optimization solutions that must be installed at both ends of the network and require access to the payload, limiting their benefit for data that’s already encrypted or compressed. WarpEngine ‘s single-ended algorithmic approach requires no payload access, and was specifically designed for today’s jitter-prone network environments where more than 80% of the traffic is encrypted and travels over volatile wireless links.

WarpEngine can be deployed on the customer’s premises for enterprise applications, in a service provider’s core network, or in front of thousands of servers in a corporate data center, working in conjunction with ADCs and other infrastructure already in place.

Use Cases

  • Organizations requiring large file transfers over long network distances
  • VOD (video on demand) and Video Streaming service optimization
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
  • Enterprise hybrid cloud architecture application optimization
  • Retail/eCommerce sites requiring fast web page loads

Technical Features

Max Throughput 1Gbps
Max Sessions 500,000
Form Factor 1U Rackmount
Storage 400GB SSD-RAID1
Hardware Bypass Yes
Redundant Power Yes
Fiber Interlace Option Yes
NEBS Compliant Yes
Single-Ended Yes
Optimize Wireless Traffic Yes
Optimize SSL Traffic Yes
Optimize VPN Traffic Yes
Multi-Host Support Yes

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