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CloudMobile Network Challenges

Mobile last mile performance is uneven at best. Subscribers demand better coverage and more capacity as ever-Increasing video traffic overwhelms carrier infrastructure on today’s 4G LTE networks. However, capacity upgrades are prohibitively expensive in an environment where total revenue and average revenue per user (ARPU) are under constant pressure, and carriers face the massive costs of deploying 5G, which will require at least ten times the number of cells as 4G LTE networks. Moreover, upgrades don’t address the real issues.

Mobile networks are subject to factors that are difficult to control. Last mile RF interference, fading and channel access conflicts create jitter that mobile networks treat as congestion, slowing traffic until throughput collapses, even when plenty of bandwidth is available. The result is poor call quality, video that randomly pauses, and stalled applications. In the busy high-speed, small cell, low round trip time networks planned for 5G, the impact of jitter will be devastating, resulting in more throughput collapse than ever. Traditional network optimization does little to address jitter in today’s LTE environment, and will be even less effective with 5G. Carriers get far less than optimal use of the infrastructure they have, and costly upgrades fail to deliver the expected results.


WarpEngine™ CT (Cell Tower) leverages Badu Networks’ patented technology to eliminate the last mile impact of jitter due to RF interference, fading and other factors that cause mobile network throughput collapse. WarpEngine CT is a single ended solution with built-in GTP support that can be deployed at cell tower base stations to optimize uploads and downloads for smartphones associated with them. No changes to the GTP network configuration are required, and all WarpEngine CT appliances can be controlled from a single WarpManager™ admin console. Carriers typically see more than a 300% improvement in mobile network throughput on their existing LTE infrastructure, without the expense and disruption of an upgrade. Similar results have been seen in early 5G testing, indicating WarpEngine-CT™ will significantly reduce its high deployment cost.

Use Cases

WarpEngine™ CT is perfect for mobile network operators that want to:

  • Dramatically improve coverage and optimize capacity use on their existing network, without the expense of expanding their infrastructure
  • Provide a bridge to 5G that will help carriers control the timing and cost of their rollout, while enabling them to maximize ROI from their 4G LTE networks in the interim
  • Improve LTE and 5G RAN network end-user QoE
  • Improve last mile throughput
  • Expand the effective coverage area and throughput of their existing LTE and future 5G DAS (Distributed Antenna System) deployments
  • Mobile cell sites such as RDUs (Rapid Deployment Units) and COWs (Cell on Wheels) to handle high-traffic scenarios.

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