Product Brief

WarpGateway-B™ — TCP Optimization Proxy Appliance

The WarpGateway-B™ solution is designed to improve application response time without the need for costly network equipment or end user device upgrades. It is a transparent optimization proxy that sits between your Internet connection and local Wi-Fi or Ethernet network.

WarpGateway-B™ accelerates downloads and uploads by up to 100% depending on network conditions. Performance for WarpGateway-B™ depends on network variables such as round trip time (RTT), packet loss %, available bandwidth, size of content, and other factors. It is based on Badu’s WarpTCP™ technology, which was developed specifically to perform well in wireless networks.

Product Brief


WarpGateway-B™ offers the following features:

  • TCP Optimization Proxy Appliance
  • Improves application response time from Remote and Branch offices
  • Up to 100Mbps throughput
  • HW and SW bypass options
  • Plug and play installation using WarpAdmin™ management tool
WarpGateway Deployment Diagram

WarpTCP™ — Smarter Congestion Control

TCP protocol was invented 35+ years ago, however it was never designed for use in massive cloud infrastructures or wireless networks. It was architected with guaranteed delivery in mind, not speed. Given the jittery nature of wireless networks, TCP often overreacts to congestion and network variations. The result is a drastic drop in throughput, causing a poor user experience.

WarpTCP™ is a set of intelligent algorithms that maximize TCP throughput in the face of network variations such as delay, jitter, packet loss and random bandwidth fluctuation. It was especially designed to maintain high TCP throughput in wireless networks such as LTE and Wi-Fi. Compared to competing solutions, WarpTCP™ does not overreact to temporary or false- alarm congestion, minimizes re-transmissions, and recovers faster from a congestion event.


The WarpGateway-B™ benchmarks were measured on a production Enterprise network with remote locations across the world. Page Load times were measured with and without WarpTCP™ optimization and showed on average 63% improvement.

For a complete benchmark report, please contact your Badu sales representative.

WarpGateway Benchmark

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Technical Specifications

Chassis1U rack, Half-depth;
1.7″ (H), 17.2″ (W), 11.3″ (D)
Optimized WAN Capacity100 Mbps
Memory8 GB DDR4
Hard DriveIntel® S3610 200GB 2.5″, Enterprise SSD SATA mix use MLC 6Gbps
RAID ControllerIntegrated RAID controller
PCI SlotsOne PCIe 3.0 slot
NIC Adapter Option(s)100 Mbps dual-port bypass copper (RJ45)
Power SupplyAC Input Voltages: 100-240 VAC
Input current: 2.6A maximum
Input frequency: 50-60 Hz
Output Power: 200W
Temperature10°C to 35°C operating
-40°C to 70°C non-operating
Relative Humidity8% to 90% (non-condensing) operating
5% to 95% (non-condensing) non-operating
EnvironmentalRoHS Compliant
System CoolingTwo 4-cm high-performance fans
System Dimensions (Package)6.1″ (H) x 25.4″ (W) x 19.8″ (D)
WeightNet Weight: 8.45 lbs (3.83 kg)
Gross Weight: 12.55 lbs (5.69 kg)
ManagementWarpAdmin™ web-based management tool to monitor TCP sessions and throughput as traffic flows through appliance.


Product Ordering Information

WarpGateway-B™ – Ordering Part Numbers:

WG-100M-2B-2C-U1100Mbps with HW bypass copper, 1U profile