WarpGateway-B™ – Network Optimization Proxy Appliance

WarpGateway-B leverages Badu Networks’ patented breakthrough technology to improve local Wi-Fi and Ethernet upload and download speeds by up to 4x, without the need for costly network equipment or end user device upgrades. WarpGateway-B achieves this by eliminating jitter-induced throughput collapse caused by today’s applications that transmit data in irregular bursts, and volatile Wi-Fi networks subject to fading, as well as RF, cross channel and adjacent channel interference. Jitter causes throughput to collapse even when plenty of bandwidth is available, leading to poor employee productivity and unhappy customers.

WarpGateway-B supports up to 40,000 simultaneous TCP sessions, and 200 new user sessions per second at 100Mbps throughput, making it ideal for high traffic LANs and busy Wi-Fi networks supporting large numbers of users.

WarpGateway Deployment Diagram

Technical Features

Max Throughput250 Mbps
Max Sessions40,000
Form Factor1U Half Depth
Storage120GB SSD

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