WarpGateway™ – Network Optimization Proxy Appliance

WarpGateway leverages Badu Networks’ patented breakthrough technology to improve Wi-Fi upload and download speeds by up to 4x, without the need for costly network equipment or end user device upgrades. WarpGateway achieves this by filtering out the impact of Wi-Fi network jitter due to fading, as well as RF, cross channel and adjacent channel interference that often lead to throughput collapse, poor employee productivity and unhappy customers.

WarpGateway™ is installed between the WAN gateway modem and the Wi-Fi AP/Router. Once installed, WarpGateway supports up to 5,000 simultaneous TCP sessions, and 50 new user sessions per second at 500Mbps throughput. Organizations with larger Wi-Fi network capacity requirements should consider WarpGateway-B.

Use Cases

    • High traffic Wi-Fi networks in hotels, restaurants, and cafes
    • Small and medium sized businesses whose employees and customers use Wi-Fi
    • Large enterprises with remote branch offices struggling with Wi-Fi performance issues
    • Wi-Fi networks in public venues subject to poor performance due to saturation caused by a sudden increase in the number of users

    Technical Features

    Max Throughput 500Mbps
    Max Sessions 5,000
    Form Factor Desktop Unit
    Storage 60GB SSD
    Single-Ended Yes
    Optimize Wireless Traffic Yes
    Optimize SSL Traffic Yes
    Optimize VPN Traffic Yes
    Multi-Host Support Yes

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