After an ISP bandwidth upgrade didn’t meet expectations, Procolo installed Badu Networks’ WarpGateway and saw Wi-Fi performance improve by an average of 2x overall, and as much as 54x for some use cases

IRVINE, CA October 2, 2019 – Badu Networks is pleased to announce its newest customer, coworking company Procolo. They selected Badu Networks’ WarpGateway™ for their 15,000-square foot space after an ISP bandwidth upgrade and new on-premises equipment failed to deliver the Wi-Fi performance and throughput they expected.  After installing WarpGateway™, which has a one-time cost that’s typically less than one-third the annual cost of an ISP bandwidth upgrade, upload and download speeds increased by an average of 2x, and as much as 54x for some use cases.

“Fast, always available Wi-Fi is vital for employee productivity and customer satisfaction in virtually any business,” said George Montgomery, Procolo CEO and Founder. “We host a wide range of member companies from fintech startups to creative agencies that can’t function without it. That’s why we chose WarpGateway, after a major bandwidth upgrade and new infrastructure failed to deliver the peak performance and throughput we expected.”

Procolo recognized that Wi-Fi performance was not only a requirement for satisfying existing members, but also a core differentiator for attracting new ones. Before choosing WarpGateway™, Procolo purchased a 1 Gbps package from their ISP, and deployed a total of 20 access points. This should have been more than adequate for their Culver City facility’s 100-plus Wi-Fi users.  Unfortunately, Procolo’s Wi-Fi performance still indicated that up to 60% of their bandwidth was underutilized, because their upgrade failed to deal with jitter, the real issue driving underutilization. Jitter is now the leading cause of throughput collapse due to the nature of today’s networks and applications.

On Wi-Fi networks, RF interference, fading, and channel access conflicts caused by sudden increases in users create jitter that protocols such as TCP treat as congestion, slowing traffic to prevent data loss until throughput collapses, even when plenty of bandwidth is available.  As a result, connections drop, videos pause, and applications stall.  Hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other small businesses, as well as larger firms with branch offices frequently struggle with this.   Attempting to solve it by adding expensive bandwidth often increases the incidence of jitter-induced throughput collapse, minimizing any performance gains, as Procolo discovered.

WarpGateway™ overcomes jitter-induced throughput collapse by leveraging Badu Networks’ patented WarpEngine™ technology to deliver orders of magnitude improvement in upload and download speeds on existing Wi-Fi networks for all types of traffic – encrypted, unencrypted or compressed.  In addition, the one-time cost of WarpGateway™ is typically less than one-third the annual cost of additional ISP bandwidth that often does little to address today’s business Wi-Fi performance and throughput challenges. To learn more about WarpGateway™ and request a free trial visit:

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Procolo is a creative work collective founded in Culver City, California in 2010. We provide turn-key, long and short term shared creative space, whether you need a satellite office to bring your remote team together, or just want to move past working from home. Learn more at