Combined solution offers the world’s first Android app that speeds up internet access for mobile devices by combining Wi-Fi and cellular networks and optimizing them

IRVINE, CA January 10, 2019Badu Networks, the market leader in next generation network optimization solutions, and Shoelace Wireless, a pioneer in multi-channel aggregation to improve Mobile Internet speed, reliability and security, are pleased to announce that they have joined forces to deliver BoostAgent.  BoostAgent is a downloadable Android App that makes it possible for mobile device users to seamlessly stream 4K ULTRA HD videos without annoying buffering interruptions, download large email attachments in a snap, and browse the internet at high speed.   BoostAgent is ideal for mobile network operators and CDNs that want to dramatically improve quality of experience for their subscribers.

To deliver these capabilities, BoostAgent leverages Shoelace’s patented channel aggregation capability to dynamically bind mobile device cellular and Wi-Fi connections, adding 6 Mbps to the device’s Wi-Fi network speed.  It then relies on Badu Networks’ patented technology to filter out the impact of jitter caused by fading, RF interference, and crosstalk commonly associated with Wi-Fi and mobile networks.  Network protocols misinterpret jitter as congestion, causing them to reduce throughput to avoid data loss, even when plenty of bandwidth is available.  Benchmarks show that by eliminating jitter-induced throughput collapse, Badu Networks typically improves wireless network performance and throughput by over 300%, without upgrading existing infrastructure.


BoostAgent is available for evaluation now.   For more information, or to request a quote, email

About Shoelace Wireless

Shoelace Wireless provides innovative and advanced connectivity technology that “boosts” Mobile Internet speed, reliability, security and privacy. Our patented technology utilizes multi-channel aggregation for combining HetNets (e.g. LTE + Cell) to be used simultaneously for an always best connected experience.  Shoelace has received numerous grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF SBIR) and from EPFL (Innogrant).

About​ ​Badu​ ​Networks,​ ​Inc.

Badu Networks provides patented next generation network optimization technology that delivers dramatic improvements in WAN, mobile and Wi-Fi network performance and throughput without costly and disruptive upgrades, enabling customers to maximize ROI from their existing infrastructure. Our innovative software and appliance solutions significantly reduce webpage load times, accelerate enterprise applications hosted on-premises and in the cloud, and speed traffic across the Internet.  For more information, visit


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