WarpGateway™ maximizes bandwidth utilization, boosts throughput and improves data speeds by up to 100 percent.

IRVINE, Calif. Apr 20, 2016 – Badu Networks, Inc. is proud to announce the availability of its WarpGateway™ desktop appliance, designed to boost wireless network performance for home and enterprise wireless routers. WarpGateway™ is a TCP acceleration solution that sits between the Internet modem and a local wireless router. Wi-Fi networks are noisy by nature, an inherent problem that tends to become more exaggerated as data demands increase and more wireless devices are added to the network. WarpGateway™, isolates this noise resulting in better bandwidth utilization for up to a 100% improvement in download/upload speeds which leads to an overall improvement in user experience.

End-user benefits of WarpGateway:

  • Up to a 100% increase in upload and download speeds
  • Improves wireless coverage/range of an existing wireless router
  • Minimizes and/or eliminates video buffering, greatly improving user enjoyment of streamed content
  • Web pages load faster, increasing site stickiness and revenue
  • Efficient bandwidth sharing to support more simultaneous devices on a wireless network
  • Reduction in wireless radio usage on mobile devices, translates to improved device battery life

“WarpGateway arrives just in time to satisfy the demands of today’s growing number of mobile and IoT devices as well as the extreme bandwidth requirements of UHD/4K video streaming, all of which will make network congestion a larger and more frustrating problem,” said Monika Gupta, vice president of sales and marketing at Badu Networks. “WarpGateway™ was designed to solve this problem and is an ideal solution for better managing the hefty bandwidth demands associated with 4K streamed content and the network jitter associated with the growing number of Wi-Fi enabled devices on today’s home and enterprise wireless networks.”

At the heart of WarpGateway™ technology is WarpTCP™, a set of intelligent algorithms that maximize TCP throughput in the face of network variations such as delay, jitter, packet loss and random bandwidth fluctuation. The TCP protocol often overreacts to these network variations, especially on wireless networks that are jittery by nature, resulting in much available bandwidth going to waste. WarpTCP™ utilizes a patent-pending proprietary rate and timing control algorithm that was designed to maintain high TCP throughput of wireless networks such as LTE and Wi-Fi.

Click here to see a demonstration of the difference WarpGateway™ makes when streaming high-definition content.

WarpGateway from Badu Networks is available today in compact desktop form factor appliance from Badu Networks directly or from Amazon.com. For those interested in testing WarpGateway with their product designs, please email us at info@badunetworks.com. For more information about Badu Networks or their technologies, please visit www.badunetworks.com.


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