IRVINE, Calif. August 7, 2017 – Badu Networks is pleased to announce that its WarpVM solution is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. WarpVM leverages Badu Networks’ patented technology to separate the signal from the noise, resulting in dramatic increases in throughput between cloud and on-premises environments. Benchmarks show WarpVM boosts network throughput by up to three times on uncongested networks and up to ten times on highly congested networks. WarpVM optimizes TCP bandwidth utilization to get the most out of a connection when sending and retrieving data to and from AWS. WarpVM excels within jittery networks, such as Wi-Fi and VPN tunnels. WarpVM is available as a c4.2xlarge instance, providing up to 2 Gbps peak throughput.

“Badu Networks has developed the next generation of network optimization for TCP with WarpVM’s patented technology and highly efficient architecture,” explained Evan McCarthy, VP of Product at Badu Networks. “WarpVM complements web servers, media servers, and ADCs by optimizing performance of traffic flowing from your cloud infrastructure. WarpVM is the missing piece of infrastructure needed to complete a truly high performance cloud-based application deployment.”

Key use cases include:

  • Downloads and page loads from Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) servers to end users in jittery networks
  • Transfers through a virtual private gateway to corporate networks
  • Long distance connections

WarpVM provides a complete solution on the transport and application layers by complementing Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs), which only focus on the application layer. Tests have shown increased network performance when used adjacent to current optimization products.

WarpVM is available now on AWS. Deploy your free 30-day trial of WarpVM or learn more about WarpVM and Badu Networks.


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