Patent-Pending WarpTCP Software Technology Increases Carrier-Grade Wireless and Wi-Fi Throughput 50 to 300 Percent

BARCELONA – MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – March 2, 2015 – Wireless networks are working harder and harder these days due to the rapid increase in wireless users, content volume being consumed, and dynamic nature of the content being consumed. Badu Networks, a leader in Internet performance optimization, today announced its solution for this problem with its patent-pending software technology, WarpTCPTM.

An innovative approach to TCP optimization, Badu Networks’ technology mitigates the weakness and ineffectiveness of TCP over wireless networks. The result? WarpTCP delivers between 50 percent and 300+ percent better throughput – depending on the network conditions, network distance, and size of file – without having to change hardware, software, or content on either end.

“There is no question that predictable connectivity is key to a network; however, these days, it’s all about the speed. While there are current optimization technology solutions, many don’t take into consideration the tremendous growth of mobile and Wi-Fi traffic,” said Tony Wong, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing, Badu Networks. “To date, most current TCP Optimization technologies utilize loss and/or latency as the sole catalyst for making adjustments and re- transmitting packet, whereas WarpTCP augments these data points by incorporating additional meta-data allowing it to further distinguish actual loss from congestion. We are confident in saying that WarpTCP brings a unique and significantly better performance to TCP flows than any other software or hardware solution can provide.”

Because WarpTCP reacts to network events in real-time and attempts to discern real congestion from loss, WarpTCP is better able to optimize flows over typically loose networks. While such networks are prevalent in the “wireless last hop” or “mobile last mile”, Badu Networks has improved on current and past TCP optimization technologies. Badu’s introduction of WarpTCP improves on known approaches, which have fallen short in delivering significant performance when asynchronously sitting on either end of the network (server/content side or client side).

With the availability of WarpTCP as a software or through Badu Network’s hardware solution, PingFog, IT professionals no longer need to spend a tremendous amount of dollars and effort to increase wireless performance by increasing bandwidth, implementing optimization, and adding or upgrading hardware. Instead, Badu’s network acceleration technology can be deployed in flexible ways to provide instant, significant, cost-effective, and long-term value.

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About Badu Networks

Badu Networks ( is the leader in web performance optimization, through its patent-pending technology WarpTCP, which dramatically boosts the effective throughput of a provider’s network. Through this technology, Badu Networks offers software and appliance solutions that improve the end-user experience.