Newly released version of  WarpEngine-X™ was developed to meet the peak usage requirements of one of the world’s largest MVNOs

IRVINE, CA – October 30, 2019 – Badu Networks, the leader in next generation optimization for WAN, Wi-Fi and mobile networks, is pleased to announce the release of version 4.3-C17 of its flagship WarpEngine-X™ product.  This latest version solves the C10M problem with its ability to support over ten million simultaneous connections and accept over 50,000 new proxied connections per second, meeting the needs of the largest wireless carriers.  For the recent MVNO customer, WarpEngine-X maintained LTE network QoE by enabling a 3X improvement in throughput during peak usage times.  This clearly demonstrates that WarpEngine-X is indispensable for MVNOs that want to improve service by maintaining a high quality of experience, and significantly grow their subscriber base within the constraints imposed by the host network. Carrier core networks and large public Wi-Fi networks can also deploy WarpEngine-X to realize similar benefits and maximize ROI from their existing infrastructure, rather than bearing the massive cost and disruption of an upgrade.

WarpEngine-X™ achieves these impressive results for all types of traffic – encrypted, unencrypted or compressed, by algorithmically filtering out the impact of last-mile wireless network jitter caused by various factors including RF interference, fading, channel access conflict, cloud service uploads, and protocol unpredictable applications. Today’s streaming video, web, and IoT applications often transmit data in random bursts, adding more jitter.

Jitter leads to TCP throughput collapse, resulting in video that randomly pauses, stalled applications and dropped connections. These effects occur even when plenty of bandwidth is available. This means that in addition to a poor user experience, network capacity is underutilized.  As a result, without WarpEngine-X carriers don’t realize a full return on investment from their existing LTE infrastructure, as they face the enormous cost of rolling out 5G. In addition, due to its shorter cell signal range and higher frequencies, 5G is likely to be far more jitter-prone than LTE, making the need for WarpEngine-X even greater.


WarpEngine-X version 4.3-C17 is available now.  Request an evaluation and learn more about how WarpEngine-X overcomes the challenges MVNOs, carriers and other wireless service providers face at:

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