Badu Networks is born on this day, November 12, 2014 (at least our website is).

Badu Networks the company has been working for quite some time on its TCP optimization technology and product in stealth mode. We’ve been working in the depths of a wireless carrier’s core network refining and testing our WarpTCP™ technology. What started as a technology that can handle the scale and demands of a wireless carrier is now available in a wide range of deployment for everyone else; server-side to client-side and from infrastructure vendors like ISPs, CDNs, and ADCs to web businesses to small/medium businesses and soon to consumers.

Thanks to investors this year, Badu Networks has brought product out to the markets and is officially un-stealth.

And not a moment too soon.

Badu Networks’ technology speeds up TCP — that’s the network protocol for over 90% of the world’s data traffic, in particular wireless traffic. In other words, Badu improves the infrastructure for wireless. Wireless powers mobile. Wireless powers the Internet of Things. Wireless is becoming an important element of life. BADU IMPROVES LIFE. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic and perhaps even a stretch. But you have to admit Badu is in the midst of an exciting era of our lives today and into the foreseeable future.

Think for a moment what the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is really about. It’s not about the “things”, which are most commonly associated with hardware such as mobile devices, sensors, cameras, etc. Although hardware is the sexy, tangible player of this IoT wave, IoT is about what is being communicated back and forth from those hardware items to some cloud and to each other. That communication; that connection; that data; that experience for the user…it’s dependent on a life line. A life line that needs to be smooth, consistent, and dependable. A life line able to handle the demands of large volumes of data. A life line that is over 70% wireless and increasing dramatically. A life line that has data going down AND up.

The life line today doesn’t live up to the demands of IoT and wireless. Frankly, wireless today sucks.

Badu Networks’ products are here to make wireless suck less.